Find a Las Vegas Hotel Condo Rental That’s Right For You

Las Vegas is a city that is always filled with activity. With a convention happening nearly every week of the year there is never a shortage of finding fun. Combine the convention activity with gambling and nightlife and you have a destination that hosts millions of people annually. The casinos understand you want fun and have a place to stay so they spend millions of dollars trying to get you to book a room.

What if you didn’t want to stay at a Casino though? What if you wanted to enjoy the best Las Vegas has to offer without having to go by black jack tables and slot machines? Are you stuck finding a place off of the Strip? Do you have to find a motel?


Instead of just looking at the casinos as a great place to stay in Las Vegas you could enjoy a great condo. Before you think this will be some run-down 80’s condo complex, think again! There are Las Vegas Hotel condo options, available for rent that gives you the experience of being in a 5-star hotel. The best part is you won’t be paying 5-star prices.

A select group of the major hotel and casino owners realized that many people wanted to enjoy Las Vegas without necessarily having to gamble. To help this group of people they created “hotel condos”. This concept has been adopted by many different companies across the country. As you start to look for a condo rental you will likely find places like Trump, Signature, City Center and even the Hard Rock. Not all of these places actually have Las Vegas condo options available in the city so it can be a bit confusing. To help you find the right Las Vegas condo option, we invite you to consider the following items.

  1. Is the cleaning fee included? – In a hotel you don’t even think about a cleaning fee as it is part of the service. Check out the terms of the agreement before booking to ensure the cleaning fee is included in your nightly stay.
  2. What Amenities are available? – The best hotel condo options have amenities that are on-par (or better) as the casinos themselves. Take a look at the photos of the pool, gym, and restaurant areas before booking your stay.
  3. What resort manages the condo? – Quality casinos understand the goal of quality hotel condo options. Check out reviews of who manages the development to ensure you have a fun stay.
  4. What are the attractions nearby? – Do you want to be in the middle of the action? Do you want to have quick access to other casinos or convention centers? Check out where your Las Vegas hotel condo option is located.

By finding out about the cleaning fee, available amenities, who manages the complex, and what attractions are nearby you will be able to quickly find the right Las Vegas condo for your goals.